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Apart from teaching as the main pillar, Britannica ELT School organizes excursions in different countries in Europe.

We aim to help students develop tolerance and knowledge of different cultures and customs by enhancing the quality of the languages we teach, sharing cultural experiences, socializing, and practicing interactive communication.

Britannica ELT School also provides:

  • Scholarships
  • Knowledge quizzes
  • Best English student competition
  • Best German student competition 
  • Debate competition
  • Presentations
  • Cinema – Theatre
  • Trips
  • Spelling Bee
  • Young Shakespeare

Extra- curricular activities

Extracurricular activities are an important part of our school. Benefits of extracurricular activities include opportunities to extend learning, apply knowledge, better connection to school and better socializing skills for the real world.   Activities will be carried out to encourage healthy competition or in a non-competitive manner to explore a new skill or an area of interest.    Activities will be organized in the season it is the most suitable, to ensure the wellbeing of students while spending memorable time.  

Some of the activities are:

Britannica School Summer Camp It is a one-week event happening in Rugova National Park. The camp is enriched with interesting guest speakers, fun activities and possibility to use vocabulary and conversations for outdoor situations..

Hiking Kids & Parents Small groups of our youngest ones will be accompanied by one of their parents or guardian to enjoy a day in nature. They will be taught to start a fire in a safe manner and prepare simple food in the woods.

Kayak Day Students will be introduced to kayaking. This activity will be organized in cooperation with the local kayaking club. Starting with basic instructions, they will have the chance to paddle independently, while enjoying a beautiful day out in the lake.