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Public University versus Private University: What is the difference?

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Famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci once said: “Study without desire spoils the memory and it retains nothing that takes in”. The education system of a country represents the main pillar for sustainable political economic and social development. Nowadays educational system is divided in levels. Higher education- university is part of it. University is an exigency of society to manage and keep balance between generations. It is different from school in many attributes; the most important of them is that; school is to learn and university is to develop science. However, what are the opportunities that different countries offer to young people who aim to study? Deciding whether to apply for public or private university is a fork in the road that every student faces. During 90’s Kosovo Albanians were pleased just to have any improvised space that looked like a school and a chance to study in native-Albanian language. Nowadays everything has changed. We do not just study in our native language but also choose how, what and where to learn. For years Kosovo has managed to build objects and to create academic stuff in public as well as in private universities but what about the quality? The right choice for higher education is a school that fits the student’s educational needs and lights the path for future career goals. This is a decision that will surely indicate the future , because the education is not a preparation for life , is a life itself – said John Dewey . If we look at our universities then unfortunately it is not necessary to be an expert to identify the unwanted fact that we do not study, we learn. Private vs Public Universities Meanwhile if we want to make comparison between private and public universities then we find out these differences ; the public universities are always known and supported by government ; they are frequented more from students because they offers a lot of benefits like a less amount payments , supporting students with scholarships and becoming part of a EU program such as Erasus Mundus to study abroad . It is known that private universities boast with better infrastructural conditions while on the other hand public universities for the strict criteria. Another issue is that public universities show that their diplomas are acceptable in the world meanwhile private universities still face with various problems. Extremely large number of students in public universities makes the maintenance of normal process impossible, while in private universities where the number of students is proportional to the premises and academic staff, this is not a problem. Students in private universities have the authority and privilege, while in public universities bureaucracy is dominated, that goes to detriment of students and is one of the main problems. These are just some of the differences between public and private universities in our country. But what remains worrying for us is that we have not managed to create a sustainable system and standards that may be competing with foreign universities. Also we have more need for vocational high schools that prepare professionals for the market demands. This remains a task on the shoulders of the new generations. “Matrix” Group