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Thank you for showing an interest in our courses. We are always delighted to answer your questions if you contact us directly, but you may find some of your answers here:

General English from A1-C1, TOEFL, IELTS, Business English, German, Italian, French, Turkish,  Croatian/Serbian, Albanian,  and One to One courses 

Monday to Friday / 8:00 to 22:00 

There are 100-120 classes, approximately 3.5-4 months for adults. Kids and teenagers 6-10 months depending on the program, younger learners have 3 classes per week, adults 6 classes per week – two academic hours a day / three days per week 

Britannica ELT School incorporates the use of new technology in teaching (smart boards). The classrooms are entirely free paper-based, and teachers effectively introduce different technology into their lessons with courses.

You bet, Britannica ELT School organizes extra-curricular activities such as Spring and Summer Camps, Knowledge Quizzes, Football, and Basketball Tournaments, Spelling Bee, Debates, where everyone is gifted will participate. Extra-curricular activities help your child to build their skills outside the classroom.  In addition to building skills within a specific discipline, such activities are great for developing general academic and soft skills, including debating for public speaking, academic competitions for exam strategies, and sport for teamwork.

Yes. We have a separate course for teenagers as well as a separate course for Kids.

Yes. The beginner level will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to build a good foundation and advance in the language you are aiming to learn.

Students are assessed through a formal test and sometimes through assessed performance in a class. They are then allocated a lesson for the rest of the course. 

Britannica ELT School organizon udhëtime në Londër, Romë, Paris dhe Berlin. Çdo vit, udhëtimi në një vend të ri i ofron studentëve përvoja të reja, të tilla si bashkëveprimi, komunikimi dhe përshtatja me kulturën e vendit perkatës. Këto udhëtime janë motivim për zhvillim e ambicieve të studentëve për avancim të gjuhës së huaj.

Personalisht, mund të bëni një test në letër ose test përmes kompjuterit. 

Yes, the certificate is proof of your language proficiency. The certificate contains the attendance statistics, the level, and proficiency in percentage.

Britannica ELT School arranges trips to London, Rome, Paris, and Berlin. Each year, traveling to a new country teaches students new skills such as interacting, communicating, and acclimate to their ways. It teaches our students skills, and even they are not aware of them.

In person, you can do a paper-based test or computer-based test. 

Of course, there is more, once in every three months we will organize quizzes for the groups of intermediate, upper and advanced level to compete among each other in terms of general knowledge.

To allow us to prepare for the issues you are particularly interested in, and please call first to speak to an admissions representative.  

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