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Does an art lover have to praise every piece of art, even plagiarism?

BLOG - Artikuj nga studentet

What is art? For many centuries, this question was faced by humanity. This small connection between what artists tried to explain and is understood by at least one person, that is art. People see things in different way. Artists see them even more different. And art lovers, they just enjoy “whatever they see”. Whatever they see? This is very good point. An art lover should enjoy art only when it derives from originality, not plagiarism! It is said that artist use right side of brain. It could be the reason why they talk, dream, work, and create differently. Artists are special human beings. They do not consume, they produce. Artists appreciate life, sun, dark, people, animals…They do not judge, they value. As an art lover, valuing is part of my personality too. I value, appreciate and sometimes even envy they way of creating. People were used to criticize sometimes laughing the way how famous architect Antoni Gaudi designed buildings. “Park Guell” , “Sagrada Familia”, “Casa Mila” are some of his famous designs. Yes, those buildings are not so beautiful to look at, because they are different. Originality identifies artists. This was his case, different but original. It was Gaudi way of looking at things and producing, and I loved it. Art lovers are meant to appreciate, value art pieces, art works. Yes I do agree. But this does not mean to value plagiarism too. Living in this century, that we are living, simplifies our journey called life. Nowadays we can search, analyze, be inspired by just using Internet. I said inspired, not copying and creating same piece of work. Plagiarism just confirms the lack of respect that artist has for himself. DO NOT CONSUME, PRODUCE. Art is something that inspires people, something that transports us in different realities. Art is making others feel what you feel and understand what you create. Art is something that captures the eye. Art is feeling. And for art lovers, art is life.   ARGJENDA KOJQINI “Matrix” Group