Lidhja e Prizrenit, Tophane 10000 Prishtinë

Cell: +383 44 20 21 22 - Dardani, Cell:+383 44 73 73 07 - Tophane

CEO's Welcome Speech

At the heart of your search for a language teaching school, you will face some critical questions. Which approach to language study will best meet your learning needs? Which will fulfill your desire to acquire fluency as rapidly as possible? Which method will help you build the language skills and the cultural understanding necessary to achieve your goal, academic research, or travel abroad? People seeking to answer these questions today are part of the big family of  Britannica-ELT School for two decades. To help you understand why, let us tell you a bit about Britannica ELT School. Every year, newcomers to Britannica ELT School gain a remarkable level of fluency in just seven or nine weeks of study. With us, students build their language skills allowing them to engage with native speakers in an informed discussion of cultural, political, or social issues, with students and teachers, scholars and artists, entrepreneurs, and political leaders.  Within this environment, Britannica ELT School applies its considerable efforts to one goal-creating the wealthiest, the most effective language-learning environment in place. The catalyst for this miracle is educating students from many disciplines and institutions all over Kosovo who seek to improve their world languages and intercultural skills.  Britannica-ELt School provides these students with consistent and dependable access to languages in an interactive, intensive-immersion environment.

Nasire Bala Rizaj